Road Tales by Darragh Brady
Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer Darragh J Brady has been traveling the globe promoting the ancient art of story telling through Music, a passion which has driven him literally to the edge and back.

From a bumpy bus ride with a machete wielding South American, to playing one of his heroes on screen, Darragh tells all in this incredible series of yarns documenting life on the road. This superb story-teller pulls you into his tales of wonder – whether on a dusty Australian road or flying alongside him on a hallucinogenic ride.

Inspiring characters leap off the page – you will be humbled by the stoicism and self-belief of an injured mandolin player and will fall in love with the beautiful and compassionate Cockney Angel.

Climb aboard the magic bus for a trip of a lifetime!

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Thoughts from Within by Brad Elliot


Brad Elliott, author, writer and investigative reporter, is known for telling it like it is. Thoughts From Within is a collection of his favorite poetry, written over the years. Brad's passion is writing, and this collection is especially from him to you.

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The Plight of a Superhero by Joseph Ben-Obasa

The Plight of a Superhero - by Joseph Ben-Obasa

A superhuman battling with personal conflicts of everyday life has to bring himself to cope with a horrifying truth.
A short story free to download and read.

Required Restroom Reading by Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.

  Stories, Poems, and Prose from Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.

140 pages.

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Required Restroom Readings

Reviews & Comments

"Paul is to the short story what Lenny Bruce or perhaps  Richard Pryor is to comedy. There's that honesty and mischievous sense of play and surprise in his work. He'll shock you and then twist 180 before you realize your presumptions are way off the mark. Devilish, raw, hilarious and one hell of a great storyteller." ... Al Carmichael

"I laughed ... I cried ... and laughed some more. Then, I got up and made sure the doors and windows were locked. I mean, this guy [Paul] LIVES around here, right?"  ... M.L.Bruni "Smörgåsbord. 

That's the word which comes to mind when I read this delightfully delectable compendium.  Each story, poem, musing is a delicious adventure, like popping some strange and exotic looking morsel into your mouth and being surprised as the flavors explode and transform on your tongue, transforming itself in unexpected ways. About halfway through the book, I pondered over what a great liar Paul must be.  Only a great liar could permeate a tale with so much truth that you swear it must actually have happened, even though in your mind, you know it couldn't possibly be true.  Or was the real lie him telling me that it is all fiction, when it was actually him just relating the truth to me as he witnessed it?  I don't know and it doesn't matter.  This is a book I could carry with me everywhere, just to read a quick passage in a brief moment of a busy day, and feeling completely entertained and emotionally involved in every abbreviated chronicle." ... Josiah Blount -- Stone Gold Records

"Disturbing, thought provoking, phobia-inducing and, ultimately; cryptic."... Michael Healey

 "Reads like a American myth, somewhere between Robert Johnson and Orpheus by way of Stephen King as conceived by Tom Waits. Very cool."... Mark Kaufman

 "It's real and soulful and pulls you into its dark dimensions to face things you don't usually think about. It's art. Thanks, man."... Bobby Jones

The Legendary Pine Barrens by Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.

  The Legendary Pine Barrens
by Paul Evans Pedersen Jr.

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The Legendary Pine Barrens 

“There’s an ingenious imagination lurking behind these entertaining,whimsical, and sometimes frightening stories. The Legendary Pine Barrens is a delight!”—Cathy Antener, author, Discovering New Jersey’s Pine Barrens

In this collection of “new tales from old haunts,” Paul Evans Pedersen Jr. delivers a literary feast for Pine Barrens enthusiasts and emerges as southern New Jersey’s most exciting new storyteller in decades. There’s something here for everyone—from offbeat explanations of natural phenomena, to unconventional takes on popular legends, to strange doings in mysterious towns and taverns. Throughout, you’ll be entertained by a rogue’s gallery of weird and colorful characters. Make no mistake about it: These are not your traditional Pine Barrens legends. Pedersen’s 21 stories and three songs are inspired by South Jersey’s rich folklore and his love for the Pines, but only his remarkable imagination could have produced a work as fresh and original as The Legendary Pine Barrens.

“The author and I must have been brothers in a previous life—we’ve both heard the ‘long, blood-curdling scream.’ Paul Pedersen has mastered the essence of Pine Barrens storytelling.”—Kenneth G. Sooy Sr., Leeds family member and Galloway Township (NJ) official historian

Damaged Goods by Taib Foundling

  Damaged Goods

by Taib Foundling

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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods by Taib Foundling. A collection of short stories and interesting illustrations written and illustrated by Taib Foundling also known as Ghost from the cast of The Dungeon comedy troupe. 276 pages in length. Immediately available for download in a PDF file upon completion of purchase.